Make a gift to support Normal Moments and help families who are

Help us help families with critically ill or medically-complex children

We will make every dollar you give count and ensure that your support is reaching the right hands! 100% of individual donor dollars go directly to families.

Other ways to Help Support Normal Moments and our Families:

Volunteer as a David

Volunteer as a “David”: Named after the friend who stepped in to house & dog sit for our founder, David volunteers develop a 1-on-1 relationship with a family while helping with cleaning, yard work, pet care, meal deliveries, or other services as requested by the family.

Volunteer as an "I-Beam"

In construction, I-Beams are a central support piece. Our IBeams provide that same staunch support for families dealing with life with a fragile child. I-Beams should have some personal experience dealing with the emotional elements of coping with a childhood illness

Host a Fundraiser

Whether your group plays poker, has garage sales, or just gets together to hang out, turn your gathering into a fund raiser. No minimum contribution expected and you’ll have an even better time for the good that you accomplish

Donate while you shop online

Every dollar makes a difference

Use www.GoodShop,com and select Normal Moments as your charity of choice. There’s no cost to you and we earn money with every search or when you purchase produces from an online store.

We have been part of the Normal Moments family for over 3 years. We have been blessed with house cleaning services, been recipients of Thanksgiving and Christmas meals, and have been honored by being adopted at Christmas so my children would feel the magic of Christmas. All of these are absolutely amazing; however, the most impactful, most inspirational, and most meaningful thing to our family is our "Davids" that have graced us with their presence. It is more than these people coming into our house on a regular basis to help with cooking or cleaning. This allows me to spend more time with my kids instead of trying to cook dinner, help them with their homework, play games with my kids, and relax after the kids go to bed instead of cleaning up. These volunteers are part of our family - coming to birthday parties, hanging out on the weekend just to hang out, and being there for each other during life's journey. It's been life changing and such a positive experience for my family. We are truly honored and humbled by being a part of this amazing family and organization.

-Katrena Card, mother to Natalie, Riley, Avery, and Jesse Card