What on earth is a “David”? – Whether a child is in the hospital or at home, it can become increasingly challenging for parents to stay on top of day-to-day tasks. Even some of the simplest steps become arduous simply because they steal loving parents away from their child’s side. This is why we have “Davids”; very special, dedicated volunteers who can step in to help with many tasks including:.

  • bring in your mail while you are staying in the hospital with your child, and review it with you by telephone if you desire, so that you can pay bills online or from your hospital room without falling behind.
  • make sure your plants are alive when you get home from an extended hospital stay or Make-a-Wish trip
  • tend to your garbage & recycling
  • make sure your family pets are given TLC, walks, food & water, etc.
  • help with the housework
  • run a few loads of laundry
  • mow the lawn
  • run errands
  • help the kids with their homework
  • help with meal preparation
  • supervise the household while you take a shower or a nap*
  • provide emotional support and a non-judgmental ear

All Davids undergo complete, fingerprinted background checks for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. While many of our Davids are happy to complete any tasks required, just as every family doesn’t need every one of our offerings, not all our Davids are required to fulfill every need for a family. We do our best to appropriately match needs and available services so that everyone enjoys the experience of being part of the Normal Moments family. We will always do our best to accommodate special requests as well, when matching Davids and Normal Moments families.

*David volunteers many not provide exclusive care for dependents. A responsible adult over 18 must be in the house if dependents are present while a David volunteer is in the house.

Families may also receive services provided by one of our professional partners. We always try to send a professional cleaning service at least once before matching a David volunteer with a family. The paid professional service continue to visit monthly until we find an appropriate volunteer or services are no longer required. Similarly, our lawn care providers will mow and edge the lawn on alternating weeks when no volunteer is available.

Snow removal is ALWAYS provided by professionals. After all, this is the Midwest and we know how hard it is to stay on top of our Chicagoland snowfalls! We also recognize the importance of being able to get to the Emergency Room or clinic when crisis occurs and for your home health care workers to access the house as needed. So, every time there are 2 to 2 ½” of snow, our plow drivers get to our families as quickly as possible.

If your hospital stay is going to be more than 3 nights, we’d like to help you keep your strength up by helping cover the cost of a good delivery meal every few days. Just ask your Child Life Specialists for the book of menus, call 630.888.8111 to let us know from where you are ordering, including a phone number, then place your order. We’ll follow up with a credit card number to pay for the meal. Note: not all restaurants are willing to accept this process. Please confirm when placing your order.

While it is very nice when supportive friends bring us meals at home, we recognize that this isn’t always the best thing for you and your family. Often times children in treatment develop sensitivities to certain spells and their tastes can change. For many, meals require some reciprocation. Tell us your favorite delivery and carry-out restaurants and we will arrange for some meals to be at your disposal, without having to cook, clean-up, or return the dishes.

*While we do our best to provide consistent services, some opportunities may be limited by number of volunteers and service providers in your area and the financial resources available for allocation.

Own a business? Interested in offering your company’s services to families in need?

Contact us today by calling (630) 888-8111 or email info@normalmoments.org for more info on how to help.


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