Football Frenzy - 2020

Bears vs Bucs

What: Bears vs. Buccaneers – Virtual Tailgate and Squares Board
Date: October, 8th, 2020
Time: 7:20 PM
Location: In your living room

  • Open Bar at your place!
  • Enjoy the football game on your big screen!
  • All your favorite tailgate foods courtesy of you and your kitchen or favorite delivery service!
  • Best bathrooms at the game!
  • Play the Squares board to Support NM! Details below.
  • Optional half-time Zoom gathering.
  • Support a great organization!


CLICK HERE to purchase a $50 square on our Squares Board
Please click “Continue Shopping” on the next screen to return here to add on a separate donation using the link below.  The donate button above can be used if you are ONLY making a donation.

Please email after submitting your purchase to select a specific grid & square(s) or we will randomly assign your squares.

Take a look at our Squares Board (here) to see what squares are available.

Please consider making a donation if playing the squares isn’t your thing – make a  donation HERE


Fine Print

There will be a 10% pot split for the first three quarters and 20% goes to the winner at the end of the game.  The other 50% to benefit Normal Moments.

If a winning square at the end of a quarter does not have a name on it, the prize money for that quarter will go to Normal Moments.

When each grid is 80% filled, we’ll add another grid, so please specify a grid number along with your square selection(s).

The more people you invite to join us, the more money you are able to win.  By pooling the money & dividing it evenly between the grids, no one is “penalized” for adding squares closer to game time!

If you know a family being supported by Normal Moments and would like to put their name instead of yours on your square selection(s), please include that information in the body of the email you send after purchasing your square(s).

Grids will be locked approximately 1 hour before kick-off.  We’ll be posting winners and updates on our Facebook Page. Please like the page to make sure you get alerts. Winners will also be flagged on the Squares grid(s).

While games of chance are not recognized as charitable contributions, if you choose to donate your winnings back to Normal Moments, anything above your square purchase is 100% recognized as a donation. Please click the donate button above to make a direct donation rather than purchasing squares if you want the entirety of your donation to be recognized for taxes.



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